"Some families can trace their ancestors back three hundred years, but can't tell you where their children were last night" - Anonymous


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History Of The Fife Pitcairns - Constance Pitcairn (also available on CD-ROM)
The 'West' special collection - 6 boxs of documents deposited at the Society Of Genealogists containing notebooks of Annie F. P. West
Vestiges Of Old Madras (4 Volumes) - Henry Davison Love
Around Cape Horn To Honolulu On The Bark Amy Turner - L. Vernon Briggs
The History Of Landguard Fort in Suffolk - J. H. Leslie
The Annual Biography And Obituary for 1824
Waterloo Roll Call - Charles Dalton
A History Of The Peninsular War Vol VIII - John A Hall
The Family d'Albiac 1271-1970 - Elizabeth Charrington
Thomas Parry Free Merchant Madras 1768-1824 - G.H. Hodgson
Memoir Of Augustus De Morgan - Sophia (Frend) De Morgan
The Differential and Integral Calculus - Augustus De Morgan
The Encyclopaedia Of Eccentrics -Augustus De Morgan
Formal Logic :The Calculus Of Inference Necessary And Probable - Augustus De Morgan
The Connection Of Number And Magnitude - Augustus De Morgan
William De Morgan And His Wife - A.M.W. Stirling
William De Morgan And The Other Great Early Victorians - Will T Hale
William De Morgan - A Post-Victorian Realist - Flora Warren Seymour
Rare Spirit, A Life Of William De Morgan - Mark Hamilton
William De Morgan Tiles - Jon Catleugh
Joseph Vance - William De Morgan
It Never Can Happen Again - William De Morgan
The Old Man's Youth - William De Morgan
A Disquisition Of The Stone And Gravel And Other Diseases Of the Bladder And Kidney - Sampson Perry
A Philosophical Sketch Of the French Revolution - Sampson Perry
Oppression!!! The Appeal Of Captain Perry To The People Of England - Sampson Perry
Englishmen In The French Revolution - John G Alger
Politics and the Press 1780 - 1850 - A. Aspinall
Biographical Dictionary of Modern British Radicals - Barbara B Schnorrenberg
A Newspaper History of England 1792-3 - Lucyle Werkmeister
A Dictionary Of Quotations - Philip Hugh Dalbiac
History Of The 60th Division - Philip Hugh Dalbiac
Pedigrees Of Polperro - Frank Perrycoste
The Influence Of Religion On Morals - Frank Perrycoste
The Influence Of Religion On Truthfulness - Frank Perrycoste
Religion And Moral Civilisation - Frank Perrycoste